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Melissa Parra is currently a Certified Nurse Practitioner who has been in the medical field for the past 25 years. Her career has been in family medicine blending Western medicine with Integrative medicine. She has recently branched out in her profession by specializing in balancing hormones using Bio-identical Hormone treatment for men and women throughout their lifespan. Her passion is addressing the physical, mental and spiritual aspects of each client by utilizing natural hormones, herbal remedies and supplements.

I have expanded my practice to include athletes and the body building community. To attain their goals takes extreme discipline and hard work. My BodyScan 230 machine and an expansive set of labs helps them to achieve success safely.

Nutrition and weight optimization for clients is also a passion of mine. Each person is evaluated based on their health status, age and physical condition while working together to achieve specific goals.

Melissa is an expert in the field of Bioidentical Hormones and Integrative Medicine. She is published on Audio Digest and has presented at the University of New Mexico Advances in Primary Care Conference in Bioidentical Hormones. Melissa has lectured at several herb schools and colleges in Albuquerque, New Mexico and has studied with many practitioners who are experts in hormonal health, herbal therapies and natural remedies. Her consults include focusing on hormonal symptoms, emotional stress, diet and lifestyle changes with a goal of maximizing one’s health and well-being.

Women and men need to know they have options in regards to their hormonal symptoms along with common complaints of low libido, weight gain, mood changes and fatigue. Melissa treats each client individually rather than the mainstream belief as “one medication or treatment fits all”. By involving each client to participate in their own treatment plan this results in improved outcomes regarding overall health and long term success. She is dedicated to providing quality health care for each client to optimize their health regardless of age.